FIZZ Celebrate Success of first 2023 Global AI Blockchain Summit


On May 22, 2023, the 2023 Global AI Blockchain Summit hosted by FIZZ concluded in Bangkok, Thailand. George, FIZZ Marketing Director, Julien, FIZZ Technical Director, Marcus, FIZZ Asia Pacific Operations Director, Tony Tong, President of the HKBA Association and FIZZ Ai Blockchain Research Advisor, Shan Shui, Representative of the Certik Audit Platform, Chanon Charatsuttikul, FXW CEO, Anant Sony, Wirtual team, Herve Lacorne (co found Winstant Ltd.), as well as representatives from Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, China, Thailand, Russia, Australia Representatives from various countries such as Singapore attended this meeting, gathering experts to participate in a grand banquet and discuss the future together.


In the evening, the venue was full of guests. With the wonderful opening of the host, the meeting was officially opened. Next, FIZZ Marketing Director George delivered a speech on stage, warmly welcoming everyone and expressing: Thanks all for coming together to discuss the new direction of digital economy development and explore all the possibilities brought by the collision between AI and blockchain. The time for adventure has come, and technological innovation has integrated into all aspects of people's work, life, and enterprise development. The FIZZ international platform is working with everyone to witness the changes of the era. And he declared: The 2023 Global AI Blockchain Summit has officially begun. Thanks!"


Then, Julien, the representative of FIZZ technology, delivered a speech on stage, introducing FIZZ's biggest development achievement – FIZZ Tech. Julien said: "FIZZ Tech focuses on decentralized security assurance and security enhancement, aiming to enable users to master their own digital security by providing secure decentralized solutions. FIZZ Tech uses exclusive blockchain security technology called "SafeSphere", allowing users to enjoy truly zero risk investments. SafeSphere technology is the core guarantee of FIZZ, integrating various technologies such as artificial intelligence blockchain comprehensive analysis, multi signature, zero-knowledge proof, smart contract, etc. Through this technology, decentralized supervision can be truly realized, and the flow conditions can automatically trigger stop loss to ensure that investors' funds will not face any risk of loss. Artificial intelligence technology has made significant breakthroughs this year. Through self-learning on AI blockchain data analysis through FIZZ Tech, decision-making accuracy has been improved. These tools will be used to unleash the highest value of cryptocurrency and blockchain. FIZZ Tech has created the most advanced technology to develop FIZZ DAPP, which includes a system framework of digital wallets, lightning exchanges, NFT markets, blockchain browsers, DeFi products, and asset management, and continuously explore how to utilize artificial intelligence enhancement technology. Julien hereby announced that FIZZ DAPP would be launched globally in June. In addition, FIZZ GPT can also perform various tasks, assist users in various ways, provide information and answers to various topics, and develop its own encrypted chat function for its community, ensuring user privacy, authenticity, and security. It provides a beneficial environment for establishing strong relationships and cultivating meaningful connections, among which trust, open dialogue, and cooperation are crucial elements. The above is all Julien has shared. In the future, please visit the website "Thefizz. io" to experience and learn about FIZZ Tech, join FIZZ Telegram community, and get more FIZZ related information. Thanks. "



Subsequently, an exciting signing ceremony arrived, with TONY TONG, FIZZ Marketing Director George, and FIZZ Asia Operations Director Marcus as witnesses to sign the contract. They warmly congratulated the President of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association on officially joining FIZZ as a research consultant for FIZZ AI blockchain.




Finally, the conference reached a round table discussion stage, and the host listed the following questions, such as: From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: The driving role of artificial intelligence and blockchain ", discussing how blockchain drives the transition of the Internet from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the future. FIZZ has applied ChatGPT in its development. What are the thoughts on applying it to the blockchain industry?” Smart Contracts and Blockchain: Improve transaction efficiency and security. Please provide some better suggestions on how FIZZ should be improved. “The role of artificial intelligence in cryptocurrency market forecasting and risk management. The guests discussed the global AI and blockchain trends in 2023, and brought exciting sharing to everyone, bringing the latest concepts to the guests present.



The warm and magnificent venue layout, magnificent stage lighting, and exciting and interesting program interactions... all of them are progressing amidst laughter and laughter, and the FIZZ 2023 Global AI Blockchain Summit has gradually come to an end. Before the end, due to the enthusiastic response from the market to the nodes, FIZZ initiated a vote in the name of the DAO community to decide whether to proceed with the second round of node subscription, which received 58% approval rate and launched a 180-node flash sale on the 23rd. This summit brought together outstanding experts, scholars, and industry leaders from around the world, offering exciting speeches and sharing. Their experiences and insights have inspired people to think about the potential of AI and blockchain, driving all to take greater steps on the path of innovation. In the future, please witness the collaboration of elites and peers of giants, working together for a better future.

In 2023, please embark on a new starting point and journey, yearning for new heights. AI artificial intelligence is the foundation for the healthy development of the digital economy and plays a significant role in promoting the healthy development of decentralized digital economy. FIZZ will strive for excellence, explore and innovate, and the team will be full of confidence, forge ahead, and move forward courageously. While referencing industry standards, FIZZ is determined to work together with peers to promote the broader empowerment of AI and decentralized financial industry, and move towards DEFI3.0!


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