HKDCA Elects HKBA Tony Tong as Blockchain Education Committee Chairman

Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA) Elects HKBA Tony Tong as Blockchain Education Committee Chairman

Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA) launched on June 16 with over 1000 participants at the Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, with a ceremony theme of "New Era, New Technology, New Vision", and presented HKBA Edi.College Co-Chairman TonyTong as Blockchain Education Committee Chairman.  



World Digital Currency Forum (WDCF)  provides a platform for government, business and financial leaders worldwide to share insights and exchange ideas on innovative digital currency solutions for the future.  The Forum explored how to recover from the global pandemic and restore the economic vitality by capturing the new growth in the areas of FinTech, Blockchain and Metaverse.

The forum brought together leaders from various political and business sectors, academia and science and technology, from more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

WDCF and HKDCA will promote the heathy and regulated development of Blockchain, FinTech and Metaverse with Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA.  HKDCA and HKBA participants will contribute to Hong Kong's economic recovery by applying the latest FinTech, blockchain technologies in the financial and other industries. HKBA aims to create a communication hub between Hong Kong and the world through Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA), a non-profit organization to promote the development of Hong Kong as a FinTech hub for Asia and the world. The Forum had a grand launch ceremony of HKDCA and speakers included HKDCA President Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP, Mr. Larry Chiang, Mr. Roy Lam, Dr. Cheney Tsoi, Mr. Alex Yuen.

Hong Kong Blockchain Association held a Web3 Panel 香港區塊鏈協會圓桌  "The Future Development of Web3 Fintech Metaverse - Web3金融科技元宇宙的未來發展" with HKBA Co-Chairman TonyTong (唐儀 Edi.College 元宇宙教育學院), Dr. Lo Wai Shun (HKBA Co-Chairman 勞維信博士 點亮資本), Mr. Sam Lee (李尚信 高尔街集团 NFT Association NFTA.HK ), Mr. Victor Lee (李松 HKBA Venture Partner Starmount Venture 星圖資本 ), Mr. Derek Leung (梁耀忠 HKBA Smart Contract Advisor) and Mr. Phillip Wong (王梓濤 ).  

Hong Kong Blockchain Association and Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy (HKDCA) will continue to play an important role as a "connector" to build the hub for practitioners in the field of digital currency, to promote the development of the blockchain industry, and to bring new business opportunities for the development of Hong Kong's FinTech industry.


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